Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Lampshade

I pondered about doing this, or something similar, for quite a while - ever since I held a hot glue gun in hand, I think.
See, originally, I needed a white rice paper baloon lamshade, for another project I´ll be writing about later. But we´re living in a small town, remember? Rural, it is. And I can´t just hop to Cologne, which is next door, just because I need a paper lamshade. Or believe that I´m needing one :)

But Miro had one in his room! Only, I couldn´t take it from him without replacing it with something equally valuable, right?

So, the lamp you see above, began it´s life as a thrift-store lamp and cost me 2 Euros (and I don´t even want to think about the circumstances of it´s production...). It was of rather poor quality, it wouldn´t hold it´s shape, unless... I glued all those objects on to stabilize it.

Which was quite fun. We basically took what we found under the stairs, in the corners, in Ronja´s junk drawers, under the beds... oh, we could make tons of those lamps, believe me! Finally all those parts and pieces have a purpose! An afterlife!

And when you arrive at this thought, can you see the possibilities? Think about a project where you´d sort the junk by colors and glueing it on after Goethe´s circle of colors? Wouldn´t that look great? Think about collecting more junk, and filling out every inch of the lamp. Think about making chandeliers, with dangling Barbie-dolls! I mean, I know it´s kind of... weired, but I can see this hanging in my kitchen, not only in a kid´s room.

And don´t stop at lampshades. A friend of mine recently told me about a similar project of his, where he began to make a table, similar to my lamp, only with objects he collected on purpose, instead of random clutter. He took objects of adoration and worship, like a little madonna figure, the favourite pony of his granddaughter, a ring, a CD, things like this, and put them under glass. And he also told me he was pondering about doing a whole clutter mosaic in the hallway of his house.

So, clutter glueing - or, making objects of art, of course - it is now. By the way, the lampshade looks nice when lighted, as well:
So... this was part one of the project lampshade.
Miro apparently loves his new lamp, and he loved picking objects. And I have his white rice paper ball lampshade, and I´ll tell you what I´m doing with it as soon as I finished it!


This guy´s great! He has tons of awesome covers on his channel, and Eva and I feel very inspired :)



Hi, This is an amazing lamp shade..i love the colorful i will wait for the 2nd part :)

creativejewishmom/sara said...

wow, so amazing! great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday and thanks for sharing!

alicia said...

Such a fun idea! Now why have I never thought of something so clever? Perfect for a kid space too.