Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Man, it did pour today. The twins and I waited for more than 30 minutes under the ballustrade of the store, hoping it would stop, until I had the genius idea to just buy raincapes. Because otherwise, we´d have never arrived home. 
But hey, it was quite fun spending 30 minutes in the company of my witty, clever little sons, with nothing else to do than talking to them. 
"Hey, mom! That women, she drew her umbrella like a knight his sword."
"Yeah, and when she opened it, it looked like a shield."
"But more like a Viking shield. Because they had round ones, you know?"
"Mom? When I grow up, I don´t want to become a man."
"So you´d like to stay a child?" 
"No, I´d rather be a women."
"Oh. Okay. What makes you think so?"
whispering into my ear: "I want to have beautiful breasts."
"Yeah, I can see you have a point there, sweetie..."
"Mom!  Look, my popsicle stick is a scuba diving tube! I can go out into the rain now without drowning!"
Both running around through the rain with their popsicle sticks in mouth.
"Mom, slugs love driving on trucks."
"Oh, do they?" 
"Yeah, one climbed on my Bob the Builder truck yesterday, and then I thought, maybe it likes to be driven around a little, so I gave it a ride. And then it chuckled. In its slug language."
"What did it sound like?" 
Mehmet making little high pitched chuckling noises. 
"Like this."
 And after I bought those capes, for the three of us, they were enthusiastically stating we are now a gang of superheroes, all with our red flying capes. And later, in the trailer, they made me stop in the middle of the street because they played they were choking. Which they weren´t. And then laughed at me. And they found a friend, while it was still raining, and stood, all three of them, around a tree to pee. And ran to get soaked under the drain.

With the weather being like this, I see a certain risk for our family vacation next week, which is not more than the idea of hitting the road and putting up our tents just somewhere, but hey, I like adventures.

And during rain, you need umbrellas, right? So I´m now going back to these: 
Music to work to: 
New single from Needtobreathe. Quite fine!


Creatrish said...

That was very funny post! xxxxx

Yes I Blog said...

"I want to have beautiful breasts" Aww...sounds like a true little man there!!!!



Glad you had fun in the rain! Needetobreathe is AWESOME! Great music choice for today!