Friday, July 15, 2011

Life through a lense.

Send your kid out with a camera, and see what happens :) Or, well, go out yourself, only then you´ll lose the surprise factor.

Ronja got asked by her penfriend what her town looks like. So she took my camera and off she went, and since Alicia just posted a sweet template to download, I thought I´d make her a collage. Partly because I felt like I couldn´t attach all of her photos to an email, so we had to make a selection.
And partly because it underlines the tender art factor I (the mom...) see in those pics. I mean, c´mon, which grown up thinks about taking a pic of the drain, or his own shadow with the cat showing off her features? Must be art, right?

My very favourite pic of her selection today, though, is this one:

I want this on the cover of a book. I don´t know which book, maybe I should write it. But it´s a love story, with some drama, that´s for sure :)

So, my sweethearts, this week has been incredibly busy, and I´ve only blogged about a fraction of it. I got to go to sleep now, tomorrow we´ll have 9 little girls sleeping over here for a beauty night and watching Hannah Montanna. But after that, I believe, is peace and calm and you´ll get a nice, long blogpost.

And now, let´s all drift away in some nice music:


Anonymous said...


yep, kids rally see things differently. from different angle, I guess..

Btw, I never received an email from you.

have a great day,

Creatrish said...

Great idea! and she definetly have talent! Really like the shadow photo!

Summer Jo said...

I'm featuring your wedding tip and a link to your blog on my Mom's Tips Monday tomorrow. It is scheduled to post at 10am EST. Come check it out!

alicia said...

OH yah! Love the way you used this collage. Just beautiful.