Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leather purse? Sack?

Or how would you call it?
This is, however, one of my "I´m on vacation" posts, so when you read this, I´m somewhere out. Don´t know where. But automatic posting is fun :)

However, do you have a chamois leather at hand? One you don´t need? Cleaning the windows works a lot easier with  an old newspaper, don´t you know?
So, just grab this old piece of leather, use a small plate as a template, cut the circle, pin holes with whatever you have at hand, and weave a string through those holes.
Like so:
And then, you easy peasy, have a five minute sack to carry your small change to the kiosk, or your marbles to the playground, or whatever unique gems and treasures you might possess.
It´s fun, and I suppose you don´t need to buy anything :)
Works with felt, or any fabric that won´t fringe, just the same.


These two are very sexy, I think. And just in case you have never seen their Poison and Wine video, well, you should really have a look.


Creatrish said...

really really like this song and Oison and wine even better! xxx

HelenClyde said...

I know, Poison and WIne is fantastic! Glad you liked it :)