Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hitting the road again!

So we packed!

It´s still pouring outside, but I guess we´re super brave - we´re off to a camping trip to the Netherlands. We´re not exactly sure where we´ll land, or if we find people who´ll let all 6 of us surf their couch, or if we´ll get so soaked that we´ll be back home in two days, or if I´m going to see Amsterdam again, or if I´ll meet my little brother over there, or we´ll see the sea or whatever, we don´t have any other plan than just hitting the road with our tents and see what happens.
Oh, how I love adventures!

I´m not sure if I´ll have access to the internet, or the opportunity to use it, but if I have, I´ll post you some picks from the road.

I have, however, a few posts in my sleeve to autopost on certain days, so come over to check from time to time. Or, well, don´t.

If you read this, chances are good my view is something like this:
Maybe, just maybe, I´ll put on matching socks that don´t belong to my father in law?

And we´ll have a lovely mixtape with Vicky and the wild men competing with Biffy Clyro competing with Ingrid Michaelson.
I´m looking forward to blast this through the car, in all versions I´ve collected so far:

Pure joy, in all versions!


Creatrish said...

Have a great time and a nice trip! If the weather isnt' very good! You are welcome to Loire Valley! ;-)

HelenClyde said...

Now that´s lovely!
I actually just checked on google maps how far it is, but I think it´s a little too far for us, since I can´t drive.
But still, thank you so much for the invite. If I ever make my driver´s liscense, we´ll be coming :)

Dana said...

One of my favorite songs :) Have fun and drive safe!