Sunday, July 10, 2011

Global village.

So you haven´t heard from me in the last couple of days, and I´m sorry for that, because in my mind, I had written the most awesome, sparkling posts (especially before I got this tired), I just didn´t have one minute to write them down, because everything was so crowded and colorfull and fun.
So, we got unexpected Couchsurfers again, of course, it´s always Couchsurfing these days - we´re really getting it into it at the moment.
These two girls are from Austria. But they met at the university of Guadeloupe in the Caribic, where they used to study. Now, one of them studies in Sweden and the other one in the Netherlands. You see what I mean with Global Village?
They stayed for 4 days, and it was a blast to have time to get to know them, to develop a routine together and have time to have long, long conversations about racism in Germany and voodoo in the Caribics and all our various screwed up family members.
And, as you can see, our kids got attached to them, too:
They were here for the women soccer world cup. Which was nice, since they weren´t our only guests interested in women soccer:
These two ladies rock. I mean, literally. The one on the right, she used to be second guitar player in an Australian band called Big Heavy Stuff. And she actually went to tour as the opening act of Radiohead. I´m not sure whether we are just lucky to get the coolest people of this network into our home, or if there actually only are fascinating, exciting human beings on this planet. I´m tending to the second option - the older I become, the more I seem to realize how everyone´s got a story to tell, and I feel like reading in the massive book that is human mankind. And enjoying every single page of it.

See, if you had told me, beforehand, I´d have a professional guitar player in my house, I would have freaked with excitement, since I´m such a music geek. And it was nice, having her here. But guess what?
Instead of playing guitar with her, all night long, I got my dremel tool out, because her girlfriend was even cooler. She showed me how to hold my body while engraving, and we talked about different kinds of metal and glass, and the tips you can use, but then, somehow, it got a lot deeper. It was like I met a fellow soul, even though she´s from the other side of the world, and we only got to meet for one night, we shared a lot, and I felt like she really could be one of my close friends, if she was, well, closer.

Oh, and apart from that?
My friend has mirabelles in her garden. I mean, heaps of them, not only the few ones on the pic. She hates throwing away food, so she gave tons of them to us, and with ten people in our house last week, we sort of tried to manage to eat lots of them. We mixed them with the mango and passion fruit our Austrian guests picked on Guadeloupe, on the day they took the plane to Europe, and they got ripe on the flight.
I took Ronja to her animal rescue group. Which she liked. And even though I´d never feel comfortable spending my energy on helping animals, while the human rights in this world are still so miserable, I see that different people can have different priorities. And I´m proud Ronja does have priorities. Galore. 
We got to see some fun independent art in the forest close to our home, and some of the installations, I´d really love to copy for our garden: 
This is a boat from driftwood, with a very beautiful sail. 
Oh, and I went eating icecream with my schoolkids, ´cause I felt like celebrating. It was the most beautiful picture seeing them sitting under the trees, all with their cone in hand, but, yeah, Eva had my camera. 
I let them use paint a little, to help me out. In exchange for the icecream, you know? 

Tim´s leaving for Kiev tomorrow. 

Yeah, and now I´m tired, and feel quite hungover from all the latenight chatting and fresh air and heavy communication in two languages. It´s a good thing it´s sunday today. 
And my music for today: 
This is Carolyn´s band, or, was, since she says she grew out of it. I really love this song,  it´s got the right amount of drama, but I feel like I´d love this even more during winter time - I feel too sunny and happy for this kind of music at the moment. Even though I´m tired. 
And now my family is waiting for me, so I´ve got to say good bye for now. 

But Irina, you´ll get my mail :)

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I really envy you it sound so good to meet all this people! xxx