Monday, July 11, 2011

Ice and Eyes.

 It was really hot last week, and when Eva went to get some ice from the fridge, the following dialogue occured:

Eva: "Ugh! Mom, why´s there parsley in our icecubes?"
Me: "Well, let me see... Sheet, the bag with the parsley must have spilled... just throw them into the sink, you can´t use them."

Ronja comes, running.
"No! No, don´t you throw them away! I made them!"
Eva: "Why in the world would you freeze parsley in icecubes?"
Ronja: "They said so! In your magazine."
Me: "Ah! I´m sure they meant something like melissa, or mint. That tastes nice in fruit juice. Parsley doesn´t. I´m not sure if I want parsley in my apple juice."
Ronja: "But I didn´t make them for eating. I made them for my eyes. They said it was against puffy eyes, I´ve read that. I can show you."
Eva, laughing: "Yeah, sure. But that´s for big girls, you know, after a party. When they drank lots of wine and had a party. You never get puffy eyes, you go to bed early."
Ronja, blushing: "I don´t. Well, not always. Sometimes I read until it´s midnight. That´s why I made these."
Grabbing her icecubes, putting them back into the fridge, and off she goes.

So, that´s my girl. Reading until it´s midnight, and then curing her eyes with some herbal magazine recipe. Really, don´t know where she got that from :)
I don´t know if it works, though, I should really try.

I found Nick Hornby, and went through High Fidelity, About a boy and Long way down in the last two weeks, and he´s amazing. Right now I´m reading Juliet Naked.
If you haven´t read anything by Mr. Hornby yet, and with you, I mean you, well, then you should really consider it. He´s not only an amazing writer, but also usually ends his books on a note that makes you want to hug the whole world, and it´s still sort of realistic. I love reading him aloud, too. 

Music for today:

I admire the excellent use of the loop here, I often feel like the recorded background becomes annoying after a certain period of time, but this is not the case with this song. I also admire the passion he puts into his singing, knowing how much self esteem it takes to rock off like this.

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Creatrish said...

That a girly girl! love it! Tell her that I will do it for my eyes too as it sound good! xxxx