Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No photo week

So. The weather over here is brilliant, and I´ve got tons of pictures to take. In my mind, that is.
Eva went to a class trip for a week, and since she crushed her own camera, I gave her mine. And now I have to watch my boys floating paperboats on the glistening river, without being able to take a picture. As if it wasn´t enough to miss my sweet Eva, I´m now missing my camera, too. Poor me :)

Other than moaning, I went to the animal shelter with Ronja´s class yesterday, which was quite educative, and thankfully we didn´t take anyone home with us. But Ronja is going to their group this Saturday, to walk dogs and pet cats, and save the world. This is something she really loves, and as long as it keeps her from bringing her new four legged friends into this house, I´m happy.

I found her an amount of penfriends via Couchsurfing. Eva started writing to a 9 year old girl from Rotterdam a few months ago, and she´s always bursting with joy when a letter arrives, and writes long, enthusiastic letters in English, with a dedication I hadn´t thought was possible. Or, well, I had. I know my Eva.
Wait! I even took a picture of that, before I gave her my camera:
 Ah, I like good old penpaling! I wrote to my hostmother for 10 years, until she moved into an old people´s home and I never heard of her again, and I still think back lovingly to my friend who only lived in our neighbourtown, but we wrote almost daily, including teabags and socks and bandaids and scented paper and condoms in our letters. Oh, those teenage years! :)

So Ronja wanted to have the same, and I opened a thread on couchsurfing, and so far we have an email penpal in Belgium, a penfriend in France and a little Indonesian girl that recently moved to Scotland whod also like to write to Ronja. Quite nice, and we´ll see how long she keeps being interested. Right now, she´d want to to write letters all day long, if that was possible.

And besides that: I´m trying to clean the house, still checking out beekeeping, still trying to plan our vacation, still fascinated by reading Nick Hornby, still trying to record my music against the normal level of welcome background noise in our house, still laughing at Mehmet when he´s shouting through town he wants to marry his friend and she smiles back politely, still laughing when Miro comes to tell me he likes the taste of the mosquito larva he picked out of the bracking water he´s collecting, and when I tell him this is icky, he announces it tastes a lot better than ants.

As for the music for today: If you listen to this, put your speakers on full volume. This deserves to be blasted through the neighbourhood!

And the video sparkles with sexappeal, don´t you think?


Anonymous said...

hello from Canada.
I have been reading your blog for a while now and even wrote to you some time ago in the comments.
I live in Canada with my husband and 4 kids - 9,8,6 and 1 y.o. 2 girls and 2 boys. I love sewing, photos and sometimes cooking. (It doesnèt mean that I am very good at any of this))))
i love reading your blog because you have such a positive attitude about things around you and I feel that I've known you some time ago in some other life -sounds stupid,eh?

have a super day.

HelenClyde said...

Doesn´t sound stupid at all! And makes me completely happy! I think I remember your previous comment, and whenever I see Canada, Manitoba in my traffic feed, I wonder if that´s you :)
What a shame we live so far apart, I´d love to meet you someday! If you ever come to Europe, drop me a note, and you´re all welcome in our home.

Anonymous said...
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