Friday, July 1, 2011

Couchsurfer heaven, volume II

We just said goodbye to two nice guys from San Diego who came to visit us for a night.
What was really cool about them, apart from the fact they were sweet and friendly guests and awesome to talk to, was that the guy on the left works as an illustrator for Pixar movies. So...
...he could whip of Lightning McQueen with sidewalk chalk on our porch, to delight especially Eva, who couldn´t get enough of him drawing with her, showing her how to draw hands and Simpsons faces and teaching her about proportions and geometrical shapes.
Yeah. Just don´t mind our messy porch. I tried to tidy it up, but that´s just pointless.
It was pretty cool to talk English all night long, about religion and world politics, and then, mostly, about music, showing each other our favourite artists on youtube. We introduced them to Biffy Clyro and Katzenjammer, and we talked about bands we had seen live, it is so brilliant how international music is.
He showed us this band, formed by former members of Blink 182, and I think I really like them:

Stay tuned, ´cause there´s another post to come tonight.

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