Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is the photo....

.. I wanted to take for quite a long time:

When I first read about Alicia´s Summer Photo Challenge, it was this I had in mind. Unfortunately, it then rained four about four weeks, and all my photos looked grey and shabby, or at least didn´t match those beautiful summer themes. But there it is! 
I happily risked my 50-Euro point-and-shoot (which is, by the way, the only camera I own), to wait in front of our improvised waterslide, and man, did I get soaked to get this shot! But my camera survived, so, that´s cool. 

We skipped scouts today. Which was a first. But it was freaking hot over here, and besides I had a sewing project I wanted to finish a.s.a.p., I´ll be posting about that later. We didn´t skip music lessons, though. We never, ever do.
And then we went to eat some icecream.
So I didn´t get to finish my sewing project. Yet. But the night´s still young :)
My music for today:
Love Story is a perfect song. It is. Yes, it really is. And the longer I know it, the more I´m amazed by how easy and simple it is structured, and what a great affect is achieved by it. I mean, it begins with two or three simple notes. The whole melody is pretty simple, and it is surprisingly easy to play. On all instruments. 
Yet, it creates tension, and I love how the original goes one note up during the last chorus, and I love how the lyrics twist the story of Romeo and Juliet and make the listener wait for what comes next. Taylor Swift is my hero, just for composing this. I first found the original in summer 2009, and sang it for weeks. Then learned it on my guitar, and on the piano, and found I had enough of it. Then Eva began to fall in love with it. She tried to re-act the video in her room, learned it on her recorder, and then, a few months ago, on her violin. We saw this song live in concert. Heck, even my husband knows the lyrics by heart. 
And in this version, I´m amazed to see it work in a cute, semi ironical rock version. Love Story for ever!

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WOW! stunning photo!