Monday, June 27, 2011


Sometimes, I feel like I´m only onehundred percent alive when the weather is like this:
When the air smells like chlorine and sweat and sunlotion...
When it´s so hot the only option is splashing and chasing little people through some cold water:
And when the light is bright enough for me to live up in my favourite mamarazzi role again:
(meaning I take pictures of my feet with every shot ;) )

And then we come home to dine outside, with lots of fresh, green stuff, Mehmet makes the salad, Ronni picks some of her sweet peas, Miro makes some dip, and Eva cuts strawberries into the grape juice.
I love this life.

Within the next weeks, we´ll be expecting Couchsurfers from California, Poland, Australia and South Carolina. Brothers, a family, a girl-couple, a single woman. I haven´t met any of them before, but I bet they are pretty cool. And will, surely, fit around our table :)

As for our own vacation, we´re still sort of rolling the dices on where to go.
But Tim and I will be going to Moscow in August, and I´m beyond thrilled. I wanted to see Moscow ever since I was in Eva´s age, and I really, really hope for stunning weather, so I can have a photographic overkill :)

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Yes I Blog said...

Truly, totally, completely the good life!


alicia said...

Beautiful summer shots. LOVE that first one. And I couldn't agree more. Love that summer is FINALLY here.

Creatrish said...

So jealous! its so hot in here i feel like jumping in water with you! Grapejuice and strawberries looks so nice! xxx