Friday, July 1, 2011

I love birthdays!

At least, when they are like this one.
I got the world´s best presents from the world´s best people:
 These are:
- A sensory box, made by my girls, filled with stars from pipecleaners, palms from paper and crocodiles from popsicle sticks.
- A fabric bookcover from a sweet friend, who I really hadn´t thought would come over today, but she pleasantly surprised me.
- Tickets for a comedy show in November from another friend, which is good, because in November, comedy is existential.
- Vouchers for cleaning the house, from Ronja.
-A tiny music box to fill with my own songs, working with a paper strip ypu punch holes in. This is really, really awesome, and I´m allready trying to put Taylor Swift´s Love Story on one of the paper strips. Thanks again, Majka!
-A souvenir plate from California, from our new Couchsurfing friends.
-A painted rock, from Mehmet.
-Homemade mirabelle-ginger jam, from the nice friend who thought about the comedy ticket, too.
- And a microphone to plug into my notebook, from Tim, so I can try and record my own music. I had been talking about wanting to learn how to do this for a while, so this is great. We played a lot with it today, highpitching our kid´s voices, and Ronja did a radio show, and Eva read the first chapter of Harry Potter, to make her own audiobook.
-Oh, and not in the picture, but very, very nice too is the Cello lesson Tim organized for me. I can´t wait!!!

So, really, I think the last time I had a birthday table this excessive must have been when I was six years old? This was really, really awesome!

And apart from this, it was just gorgeous sitting outside, eating cake all day long and sipping spiced tea, letting the eight children run around, making soap bubbles with cookie cutters...
and... ahem... plastic beer bottles...
And I asure you, it was alcohol free beer. And they just worked best, because you could blow through the neck.
Though, later the children went on to throwing with waterfilled ballons, getting soaked, and climbing and hiding inside the paper bin. Which is sort of Ronja´s new hobby.

So, alltogether, this was a perfect day. Seriously. I felt loved, and treasured, and beutiful today. I can age like this, easily, no sweat. This birthday was, unexpectedly, a blast. So it was really worth putting on my new fancy dress:
 And I must be completely off my rocker to post this totally ridiculous picture. I guess it´s just birthday bliss?

Music for today:

A little summer rain is okay, don´t you think?


Creatrish said...

Happy birthday! Sound like a very nice day!

Mentor James said...

Happy B-Day..Looks like you had a blast..Nothing like getting a year "younger" and my child thinks the beer bottle bubble wand is "cool"

signorina g. said...

happy birthday from a silent reader! I knew you had to be a cancerian :) great blog and family! greetings from Italy