Friday, June 24, 2011

Sceduled... contacts are what is keeping me from blogging - we´re away for the weekend to meet newborns and future wives and cousins and grandparents.
I´ve got a chocolate cake in the oven at my mother in law´s house while all kids finally went to bed, and tomorrow I´ll spend a whole day chatting and eating, though I´d much rather be doing something else. Oh, and the day after tomorrow is just the same.

I guess being a grown up also means that one can´t bow out of meeting all the extended family members several times a year.

We have quite a lot of extended family members, and even though it feels like it´s stealing time from writing and playing the piano and hiding behind the sewing machine, I suppose I´ll like it in the end. That´s usually how it works for me. A lot of moaning in the beginning, and later, it´s all fine.

I´d like to dress this post up a little, with a photo of my girls reading on the train, but since this computer is very old, I can´t get it up. SO just imagine my two ladies, Eva dressed up in her coolest "I am a rockstar" gear, with black and red striped armwarmers and a torn yellow scarf, reading High Fidelity, and Ronja, in her usual "I don´t care what I´m wearing" outfit, reading a horror splatter story she bought herself on the fleamarket. Without commenting on my daughter´s choice of literature, I loved watching them :)

So all you get is some music:

Awesomeness :)

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Yes I Blog said...

That video is TOTAL awesomeness!!!

Kids, family, extendeds,'s all troublesome at times, but it is SO worth it in the end. Cherish the memories!!!