Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things we are doing right now.

 - Reading.
There was a huge fleamarket in our town on Saturday. My friend and I raided the tables for books for our school´s library, since we hardly have any modern children books, but mainly donations that look as if they were older than we are.  We found tons of great books, as you can see, though this is only the part I bought, and, I must admit, half of it is for me. Reading Nick Hornby´s High Fidelity is a blast, and I wonder why I never bothered to read it before.
And in the front, you see my new winter wardrobe. Fleamarket, for an estimate of 5 Euros, one skirt, two dresses, a cardingan, a fancy belt and a shirt. Very, very cool!
-Cycling through town with a harp and four kids in tow, and a violin on my back.
I had to get it tuned yesterday. Technically, I can do this myself, but it takes me more than an hour to get those 34 strings straight, and then they still sound as if they needed some finetuning.
So I took Ronja´s harp to her teacher, who needed 30 minutes to tune it.
Man, I tune my guitar in 2 minutes. Harps are not exactly the evolution of music instruments...
But we were a little sight, cycling through our small town, four kids in a row and a huge harp in the front. I like being a sight.
- Picking things.
We still enjoy eating outside. Picking cherries in my friend´s garden, picking currants in the woods, picking camomlie on the fields, picking sweet peas in our garden.
Ronja likes picking non edible things, too:
So basically, we´re doing what we´re always doing, while waiting for the sun to come out agian and strip away all those useless clothes. Except that I´m super excited because I´m close to wrapping up my second book. Which, of course, no one in the world but a handfull of close (female) friends are allowed to read. But it feels good finish something that took me more than a year.

And yes, I´m listening to music. There are so many songs I´m embracing right now that it´s really hard to pick the one I love best at the moment, but maybe it´s this one:

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Creatrish said...

Hello, I absolutely love fleamarket and good Bagain! and i m very impress to see somebody caring an harp at the back of his bike! not a everyday picture! If you ever need some french book for your school let me know maybe i could look around for you!