Monday, May 16, 2011

We are expecting...

(Ha! Gotcha!)

Tomorrow, we´ll have our first Couchsurfers over, a couple from the south of Germany who love motorcycling and need a place to sleep for the night. If you don´t know what Couchsurfing is, well, you can check it out here.
And, maybe, open an account, because it´s really awesome. So far, I found a penfriend for my Eva in the Netherlands, and had a nice chat with the "manager" of a Russian rockband (who pondered about having his band sleep in our house, for their gig in Cologne, which would have been awesome, but then decided otherwise), and participated in a bookexchange with someone from Greece. And we only started out last month, so that´s quite cool :)

And, you know, I´m beyond proud to have daughters who fight over who´s allowed to give her room to total strangers.

Apart from that, I wanted to posh around a little with my new object of adoration, which is the material storage Tim built for me:
(Sorry for the blurriness)
Yep, he built this. And planned it. In powerpoint. It´s exactly constructed to hold my sewing machine, and my cutting machine, my laminater, my large sheets of paper, my gazillions of fabric scraps and felt scraps and paper scraps...
and glitter and bobbins and zippers and glue and paint, paint, paint.
It´s great to finally have sort of an overview about what I have and what I still might still need, and Tim allready planned to add a second shelf, so I might even get a place for my candle-stuff, and my soap stuff, and all the toilet paper rolls and shoeboxes and beautiful cereal boxes I need to hoard :)

Meanwhile, chef Mehmet is making dinner:
Anyone wants a brownie? We´ve got banana and peanut butter :)

Want some music?

Yes, it´s the same band that made the song from the video I posted twice last week, the one with the heartbreakingly dancing charcoal couple. I begin to really like them, and it´s always a pleasure to dicover new artists. This song slightly reminds me of Alison Krauss´s Simple Love, not only because of the similar titles, but also because of the calm and peace both songs resonate. Not that anything can compare to Alison Krauss, of course ;)


Nils said...

props to your husband!
great work

HelenClyde said...

Thanks :) I´ll try to pass it on, well, sort of.

Angela W Fitch said...

Love the title you cheeky girl, good one! I've never heard of the couchsurfing, sounds extremely interesting....Is that where you got the penpal for your daughter too?

Oh, I am so jealous of your storage! beautiful shelves dear, great job by hubbie! And I forgot to mention on your last blog that my daughter wants those polka dot shoes! I had to shoe them to a friend of mine too, she has a similar pair of blue stripes that are otherwise made just like yours. We might have to do a foreign shoe exchange some day. :)

Your music is great today, I love your idea of adding a video to your blog posts. Wonderful touch.

Ok, so I am writing another epistle for you :). I really like your stuff! Happy surfing, let us know how it goes...Angela