Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Couchsurfer heaven

Doesn´t this look like the spitting image of little boys paradise? Well, it was. We just sent our guests their way, and it was quite nice to have them here - I hope they are just the first stop on a long journey of meeting people. And you should have heard the sound of this picture - it was 8 in the morning and if our neighbours were still asleep, well, then they weren´t afterwards... um... sorry.
Would you believe those two on the pic above have 8 children? And 5 horses, and pigs and cats and sheep and a small hotel? And that the lady in the black gear can crochet poetry? It was definitely very inspirational to talk to two people who literally have been on the road of life for a few miles more than we have, and that´s what it´s all about, isn´t it? Learning from each other. 

Onto something completely else, as some of you asked about my polka dot pumps (who are, by the way, completly unwearable for any timespan longer than an hour - how do you girls out there do that?) - I got them from H&M, so it should be possible to get them in the States as well - and they were reduced on 15 Euros.

Oh, and I´ve got such fine music: 
I like Ari Herstand for quite some time now, though I can´t remember how I found him - must have been some lucky youtube day. I always wanted to post one of his songs here, but then decided for something else - now this comes along, and I just have to post it :) 

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