Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy feet.

See those feet? Yeah, it was scout´s camp this weekend, and Ronja marched her solid two hours, with her backpack, and annoyed her sister by singing all the time, this daughter of mine :)

So, I just got my girls back, who are overtired, sunburned and happy, just like one is, returning from something really good.  
They spent the weekend sleeping in tents while it was pouring, playing a lot of outdoor games, crafting kites from plasticbags, making their own ketchup, having campfires and watching their scoutsleader snogging her boyfriend. Sounds like quite a cool weekend. 
Oh, and they made bowls from coconut: 
Cool, huh? Ronja just had her muesli from one of these bowls.

Anyways, this was my daughter´s weekend. My sons had some quality time with Oma and Opa:
...and just to make it fair, had a nice fire, too:
...and bread:

So, the question is, what do mum and dad do when there´s so much free time on hand?



....well, of course, mum puts on her brand new shoes:
(and let me just tell you that I never, ever in my life owned such freaky things before and I´m not quite sure what possessed me to buy them yesterday.)
believe it or not, I even put on a relatively matching dress, and a hat, and fricking lace mittens (do you still call them "mittens" when they are made from black lace? I´m not sure.)

However. Then mum and dad do this:

You don´t need to watch through the whole video, seriously, it´s poor quality. The reason I posted it is to give you an impression of the atmosphere - bouncing, sweaty people, singing along loudly. Exactly my cup of tea.
I wish you could see the gorgeous norwegian ladies a little better, they really were a treat for the eye. If you´d like to hear the song in a better quality, it´s here.

So, overall, this was quite a successfull weekend. Successfull as in how I want my weekends to be. Though I would have liked to see my girls a little more :)

As for my job - so far I didn´t send in my CV. But I´m pondering about doing it tonight. Or not, and write another chapter instead. Or just do it, and hope they don´t take me. Or do it, and really give my best.

As for my last blogpost - blogger had issues last friday. It was pretty annoying that they ate my last post, when it was this post. I mean, I don´t want to appear like someone who takes his word back, right? I think I never deleted a post here, so far, and I´d like to keep it that way. When I hit publish, that means publish.
There wasn´t any option to post anything else instead, and when it finally reappeared, the nice comments were gone. Angela, I just want you to know that I read the comment you left and it made me smile.

Because I wasn´t at home over the weekend, I´m only checking into my messages now, and I´m about to reply after reading some betime stories, getting my bike from the train station, writing a chapter, loading the dishwasher, sending in my CV - yeah, you know what I mean.

And I still need to post music for today! No, the mushy thing up there doesn´t count as a proper video.
And because last time, it got eaten by blogger, and because it´s so good I don´t mind posting it twice at all, and because I´m still deeply enchanted by it, and because I happen to like the title of the song, I just go with this one, again:


Angela W Fitch said...

:) I'm smiling now too dear. And I love the song.....Have a wonderful week! Angela

alicia said...

Those polka dot pumps are to die for!