Monday, May 23, 2011


See this?
Our first strawberries are ripe. And sweet, actually! We could harvest exactly seven red ones this afternoon, one for each of us, and still one left to hand over the fence to our two-year old neighbour, who was watching.

I´ll never have the patience and persistance to plant enough to actually add more than a little entertainement to our nutrition, but strawberries is not all we have:
We have radish and peas, currants, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, apples, pears and hazelnuts. Most of it tiny, not anything we can really harvest. But it´s always a joy when it begins to look like this: 
The thing is, I´m not a garden lady. I don´t like tearing out weed, because I despise the whole concept of eliminating one plant in favour for another. That´s the reason why our lawn doesn´t consist of grass, like the ones on the left and right side of the fence, but of clover, dandelion and sorrel - all very welcome. My whole garden work consists of buying those little seed packages, giving them to my kids (mostly Ronja), and see what happens. And later, give them the sprinkler, and see what happens then, too.  Works quite fine so far, but would never make us independent from this:
That´s about our weekly shopping, minus a few fresh items I get within the course of the week. We borrowed my in-laws car, so we bunk-buy all those drink containers - it´s not nice getting them up the hill via bike, no matter how far my idealism goes, believe me.
Anyways, I took this pic, because I got inspired through this.
Click the link, and show it to your kids, if you have some, because it´s quite interesting.

But hey, don´t forget to come back, because I´ve still got music:

And here I thought I knew all of those top independent youtube artists - how did I miss these two, for such a long time?  Yesterday, pretty late at night when I should have been sleeping for a while, I stumbled upon their gigantic sounding cover of Someone like you. Not that Adele needs to be covered, but a little extra orchestral instruments (cellos ;) ) always do the trick for me - and I love their harmonizing. So now I´m scanning through all their covers and originals when I should be packing for the class trip... sigh. Think I need to borrow Eva´s Mp3-Player for those days...

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Kirsty said...

Love the veggie patch! Looks great.