Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gone fishing

I like the Rhine.
I like that it has been transporting life and culture and people and fresh air into our region, I like that it provides the possibility to ride on boats and ferris and cruisers (and that´s something I really love!), and I like it for all the awesome opportunities to play - whether in one of its many, many arms spreading through our region, or directly in one of the Rhine bays:
When I was little, I really loved the Loreley stories. Actually, I still do, nowadays. Loreley were beautiful women who used to sit on the Rhinecliffs, brushing their hair and chanting, and with that distracting poor sailors and causing their boats to shatter on the cliffs.
And I like to pass those stories on to my daughters, because they show a terrific maneater philosophy I believe can do no harm to the self esteem of little girls ;)
Though, some are more interested in fishing anyway: 
Not that we actually caught anything but a tiny creature we set free, after watching it for approximately two and a half minute: 
So, that was our day. And now I feel sunkissed and tired, and I´m typing this while my family is assembling an animal sticker book and waiting for me to get away from the screen, so we can cuddle on the sofa while watching our goodnight episode of The Simpsons. 
Musically, I think I´m having a serious "Weepies" period. 
I love how all of their songs seem to touch me, both with their lyrics and their melodies, that feel like dancing, circling around each other. And man, I love dancing, the dancing of bodies and the dancing of minds alike.

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