Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up and away

So this is my luggage for tomorrow - could luggage ever be more beautiful? - when I´m joining Ronja´s class for a three day trip into the woods.
We´ll be staying in a tiny youthhostel close to a forest, improvise swings in the trees, do a ton of crafts, read books and sing to the guitar. I´ll be taking lots of pictures - though, unfortunately, I still have to find the recharger for my camera.
I like how even the drink containers I collected for our crafting look poetic when photographed in the right light - though, maybe they only look poetic to me, as I´m looking forward to using them.

So, for the next three days, you won´t hear from me, as I´m busy. I´m missing blogland allready, a little :)

Music for... well... always:

Yann Tiersen. Isn´t he amazing? Of course I´ve known his Comptine d´une autre été, but I never bothered to listen to his other stuff. Which was a mistake, as his music has an ability to create pictures and emotion with a force that is, I think, rare and outstanding. When I listen to this, I can see an empty room, prepared for a party, the hostess waiting in her finest dress, and then I can see all the people pouring in like the many little notes he´s playing, sparkling in their best clothes, hugging each other and having meaningless smalltalk, bringing food and presents and laughter - and this is only one scene this song paints for me. Listen - what does it paint for you?


alicia said...

What a fun mom you are. Love the new header here.

HelenClyde said...

Well, your new header isn´t bad, either ;)
Actually, I got the inspriation for the sky background from your 30 days of spring button.