Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who says I can´t take time?

Well, my calendar, that is.
I just come back from another reading session - one I thought was sceduled for tomorrow morning, and realized this morning, 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there, that it was today. At least I did notice it.
So I left my hot chai latte, grabbed my book and my jacket and sat on my bike, pumped as if my life depended on it, decided ten minutes later that I wouldn´t be able to make it, got a taxi cab, marked the chapters I wanted to read in those ten minutes left and arrived just in time at the furniture store. No, not the swedish one. Just the huge, local conservative fuddy-duddy one. But I don´t mind, I´ll read anywhere. And the book was about a family who secretly moved into a furniture store, hiding in the wardrobes until all employees have left, to sleep in the beds and eat and cook in the exhibited kitchens, so the location was awesome.
The manager of the store allowed us to read in the carpet section, and it was an awesome picture seing all those people strechted out on the piles of fake oriental carpets. I wish I had thouht to bring my camera along, but well, all I managed was running,so I´d be in time.
It all went well, though. The two classes I had to read to were 10 minutes late, anyway, and at the time they arrived, I had the microphone set and was all smiles and relaxed proffessionality for those 43 kids, about ten grownups and the local press. I read for a solid hour, and when I finished, I still had time to take the bus to get my twins from kindergarten, again, just in time. And when I left the furniture store, they were just playing this song:

And until now, I had almost forgotten how much I loved it. The week it was released, I think it was in October 2009, I drove my family mad by playing it in heavy rotation all day long. For someone who is quite opposed to any drugs that could bring me into a state of being "stoned", I love this song far too much. But the line "I don´t remember you looking any better, but then again, I don´t remember you" is soooo cool!

Hey, this post doesn´t have any pics. That sucks. I mean, there wasn´t much time to take any pics. Yesterday for example, I sat in the room that´s supposed to become our school´s library, together with my friend, sorting stacks and boxes of children´s books, gathering them in categories and giggling because of a lack of sleep, until midnight. And I read the latest Mortal Instruments volume, and sunk in it a little, and waking up from a good book always makes me slightly drowsy, like waking up from a good dream. And tried to write my own stuff again. But at least I can show you a pic of the view outside my window, right now at this moment:
Nice, huh? And it completes this post. Music - check. Pictures - check. Ramblings - check. All is well. My tuesday post is completed :) And now I´m going to find out why there´s water running upstairs and why my twins are laughing so loud :)

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