Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 reasons why it rocks to be a library girl.

(apart from the obvious reasons, like, access to all sorts of cool books)

1. Reading to lots of clever kids and having them hanging on your lips is a great ego booster. Because, it´s the really cool kids who hang out at the library. 
2. The food is delicious.
3.Taking your kid to work is no problem at all. On the contrary.
4. You can even introduce her to the cool airbrush tattoo guy, just to get her on the right track.
5. You get to work with real elves.
6. And you have permission to mess around in the library and do stuff no other reader would ever be allowed to do. 
7. You can share your knowledge and feel really cool, because you know about bookbinding, and now 30 kids know, too. World saving factor, you know?
8. Oh, and the workwear is better than anywhere else, too. I mean, when else can I wear my rubber ears? I still have to wash some glue off, though :)
9. You may stay in the library until midnight. Ok, it´s to tidy up, but hands down - who doesn´t dream of being locked in a library until midnight? And when you drive home via bike, you can even take a pic of the motorway to explain to your child why the lights bleed in the dark picture:
10. And while everybody else is asleep, you can have a recap of how everything went and a nice bottle of orangina, and marvel about how clever your child is.
Oh, and of course being a library girl rocks because it´s cool when kids of all ages wave at you when you go through town, and because you can carry the youngest siblings on your hip, and you are allowed to play guitar in the library, and because you get to read the new kid´s books first, and because you can pick those you believe to be good enough to educate future generations, and because basically, you feel like you are at the source of the world´s biggest power: Knowledge. I love libraries and the realms they open. So - it totally does rock to be a library girl. And if you now feel jealous - that´s totally my intention. I don´t get paid to be a library girl. At least, not with money. Most of us don´t. We just applied for it because it´s the best job in the world.
Okay, okay. I´ll leave it at that.
My music for today is Adele:

About this video, I love a lot of things. The french accent of the radio speaker. The british accent of Adele. The way she looks sexy in that bear coat. The guy on the guitar, who plays incredible skillfull. The way she sings with her hands in her pockets. Her raspy voice, but that´s obvious. Singing along to the song, and tapping my feet. Having it stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks. I actually like this 10 thousand times better than the stuff she realeased as a single.

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alicia said...

I'm thinking #2 is reason enough. lol.