Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is pretty cool!

Why have I never heard of this guy before this week? And cigarettes and chocolatemilk is my healthy goodnight snack everynight before I go to bed , too :)
I´m happily tired after a day full of teaching, reading and entertaining what feels like all children of this town at once, but this is just too nice to go to bed now. Well, one more chocolatemilk won´t do any harm :)


Yes I Blog said...

I don't smoke...but that is absolutely hilarious!!! Love it!!!

Nils said...

Hmm Ive got his album for what seems like forever. Enjoy

HelenClyde said...

So I figure... I practically quit listening to music around 2000... and spent the last two years trying to find my way back into it. Seems like I missed some good stuff.