Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preparing my fantasy night...

...and many other things, too.

This week and the next are Bookweeks in our town. That means there are a ton of events with books and around books for adults and children alike, and because I´m the local story telling lady, that means quite a lot of work for me - and I love love love this kind of work.
On Friday, we´ll be hosting a Fantasy night for 12-16 year olds in the library. It´s gonna be quite a party, and parties mean, of course, drinks:
and that means designing labels and re-labelling an armada of bottles:
I´m reading the Inkheart part. I volunteered for this because the story of Inheart includes Mo, a bookbinder, and I love bookbinding. I participated in about 5 workshops, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what I´ve learned there.So, after re-labelling 30 bottles, I tried to figure out how to make postcard-sized books, without all the equipement you have as a bookbinder. Think about sewing the pages with my sewing machine, because there´s no way I´m going to get 30 ales for hole pinching, or even teach 30 kids proper bookbinding stitches in the short time we have...
...or applying white glue with a kitchen sponge:
Which works surprisingly well. So, Ronja and I finished two books today, so we´ve got something to showcase on friday night:
And they look nice from the inside, too:
Apart from the crease in the endpaper. Glad none of my former teachers is checking this :)
So, I´m polishing my elvish rubber ears, trying to figure out how to assemble an Inkworld-worthy costume and listening to medieval music all day long, to get me in the right mood. 
Though, in between, I´m still holding my computer work group, and making Montessori material...
...which is, some day, supposed to resemble this, and help my little geeks in school learn some basics about numbers. After we´ve painted them red, that is. Oh, and I´m reading Easter stories for the toddlers in the library tomorrow, as well. And I´ve still got to prepare for the reading session in the furniture store next week, and I must admit that I  - ahem - haven´t even read the book I´m supposed to present yet.It also doesn´t help that I have just recently aquired a much more tempting book for my stack, and tiedied up my whole shelf in order to give it some nice showcase...

Whatever. As long as the weather´s fine enough to eat outside in the garden...
and smoke a nice ciggie in the sun afterwards.
 Oh, and of course, improvise wild medieval dances with my children, to music such as this: 
Ronja may never ever see this instrument. Or she´ll want to learn it. And I bet I won´t be able to find a teacher in our street :)

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