Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day One

Ah, Alicia´s always coming up with such cool ideas! She just announced her 30 Days of Spring-Project, and I think I can do that. I´m always for appreciating beauty in daily life, and the sun we had those last weeks makes me feel like I can finally breath again after being under water (or, in this case, snow) for far too long. So, this makes perfect sense to me.
And 30 days is a time span I can handle, after I, as you might have realized, threw my Life 365 project in the wind around February, as I happily did with most of my other new year resolutions. Though, my house is pretty clean, so at least that one worked out so far :)
Anyway, here´s my spring pic for today:
That´s my balcony. With a nice cup of tea, a bowl with cashews and cranberries, a chair used as a table, our protest banner hanging in the background, the seedlings Mehmet and I planted, my ashtray, and my fav old boots on my feet. Sitting out there to read, write, or chat with my friend this morning is what spring meant to me today.
Oh, and posting 30 days in a row means... I can throw music at you, every single day! How awesome! Here we go:

I know I just recently posted a video of this guy, but seriously, this blew my mind. Such a creative, unusual way to use a classical instrument, he´s really taking the cello to a whole nother level.


alicia said...

Thanks so much for playing along. Love your interpretation of spring today.

jillconyers said...

Great shot that captures your spring.