Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Two - Music

Blurry,  not at all spring related - my pic for today. 

Ronja summed up my day quite precisely when I asked her to go outside and call her brothers in for dinner:
"Go get them yourselves. All day l long you´ve been sitting inside playing music with Eva - you need to move a bit!"
Um... well, she sort of has a point here. I began this morning with playing the piano with Eva, three hands. Then had breakfast, helped my husband build the wardrobe, did the grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen... and then I made a deal with Eva, that I´d tidy up her room for as long as she´d practised her violin. So we went upstairs. Eva´s room was a mess, and we spent there about two hours, through which she played, non stop, while I picked up old paperhandkerchieves, wet towels, dirty socks, and got myself covered in dust. We debated a little about rhythm. I taught her how to dance the waltz, so she feels the rhythm, too. We closely listened to her Suzuki CD, to get it right, too.
Then her room was clean, and we went downstairs. Smiled at each other and sat down at the piano. And then we thought we might try some Taylor Swift songs together, so I grabbed my guitar, and she sang, with her cute high pitched voice and her very german accent, and we played our way through the whole Fearless and Speak Now album. And when I then went to sit at the piano again... my husband, who had taken care of the three little one´s most of the day despite trying to build that wardrobe, protested. Rightfully, I guess.
So I made dinner, and now I´m listening to Tyler Ward:

I adore this song. I know I´m enthusiastic about almost every song I´m posting here. But I´ve been obsessed with this song from the day it came out, I love to listen to it while writing, and I figured it´s actually pretty easy to play on the guitar, too - here are the chords. It´s a lot harder to sing, though - I still feel strange at the end of the song, when he becomes so passionate. Guess one has to feel it, for getting it right?
And because I feel like I´m supposed to post an actual spring related picture today, as well - I took these in our garden today:

 I like my trees. If only they grew a little quicker.

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alicia said...

Lovely images of your flowering trees!!