Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Three - Fabric Fair

Spring means fabric fair!
Well, of course there´s a fall/winter fabric fair in our town, too - but it´s so different. In spring, people (well... women, actually) take time and happily talk to random strangers, because it´s warm and their feet won´t get wet. Hence, the spring fair is bigger, with way more sellers. And the colors shine brighter, when it´s spring, too, and in the small cafés around the market, people sit and chatter and devour ice cream.
I love my fabric fair. Two times a year, I go and spend a ton of money and plan sewing projects for the next months to come and scan through patterns and ponder about bias tape (man, I love that word!) and zippers and hemming and fraying and if I should dare to plan something with button holes. 
So this is what I got: 
Basically I added to my collection of tiny scraps, by buying lots of quilting quaters. I intend to turn them into my cool new purse, tonight, right after I put the kids to bed. And the big , soft green one with the shrooms on is for a skirt (or a dress?) for my Ronja, and a matching one for her godfather´s first child, that´s about to be born in 4 weeks.  It´s a soft, stretchy, knitted fabric, and it feels really good. 
Music for today: 
Well, as I´m typing this, Tim´s upstairs, listening to "Smells like teen spirit," while working on our never ending project, THE WARDROBE. I am so not adding this oldie here, though I do admit, I like it, too. In winter. Not now. 
When it´s sunny like this, it´s time for something like this:
To me, this sounds like driving in a car with the window down, music blasting, hair blowing in the wind, and feet tapping on the board thing in front of me. Oh, with a can of Dr. Pepper coke from the gas station in my hand. On the way to... let´s say France. At least. Oh, and may I mention the title of that album? Awesome, right?


alicia said...

How fun. First that it is warm enough for a fabric fair- it snowed here yesterday. And two, that you have that talent to just whip up a purse or dress or whatev. Wow!! I'm a teeny bit jealous. lol.

alicia said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you I have a 30 days of spring button now. You can find it in my sidebar if you want to add it to future posts.