Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Four - Spring break and Baby pants

It´s here - the long anticipated, much loved spring break. It means my kids are home from school, all day long. It means we can sleep in as long as we want. It means we have no dates to keep, no sceduled places to go, just freedom. I love my spring break!
So, when I got up this morning, my kids had allready moved into their own world:
They went on playing, all four of them, plus, later, Eva´s friend, most of the day. Calling them to eat seemed like an interruption, so they just took fruit outside and continued their game. I love listening to them when they think up their stories of bunnies and dragons and dinosaurs and little tigers getting lost in the jungle. I love to overhear their conversations:
Miro: If you steal this, I´ll take you to prison so you never get out again!
Ronja: "Well, there has to be a trial first. If it isn´t, mum is gonna write a letter to amnesty international, and then you´ll go to prison yourself! Ha!"
So, while I was delightfully entertained, I got my sewing machine out for this:

and this:

and this:
Babypants for the Ronja´s godfather´s baby. I wish I knew more babies, those pants are really fun to sew. It takes less than an hour to whip them up, and you can use all sorts of tiny scraps. I got the pattern from Rae, it´s really cool! And free, too!
In between, Ronja had gotten a little sad, because Eva and her friend had locked the door and didn´t want her to play along. So I figured I still had that glitter around:
That glitter is officially supposed to go on fingernails. I mean, really. No offense, but why would anybody do this? It would all stick to my tongue when I lick cupcake dough off my fingers!
So we better put it on eggs:
We used Mod podge, but I guess you could take just any craft glue. And if you´d like to know how we made the egg with the sequins in the background, well, we made that last year. And the ones from felt, too.

So that´s what we did today. Expect a post of this length everyday for the next 10 days, since we are on our spring break and free to roam :)
Music for today:
I just found it a couple of hours ago, and I adore the guitar playing. I always watch John Mayer videos only for the guitar playing. You hadn´t thought any different?

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alicia said...

How talented you are. Love the glitter eggs too.