Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Seven - Eggs and Scavenger hunt

Still spring break, still sunshine, still awesome. Still frolicking in the green...
and I´ll never get tired of taking pics like this :)
and finding ways to entertain my happy campers. A couple of days ago, I found a great idea for a scavenger hunt over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar, and I knew this was something for us.
Unfortunately, her cool template doesn´t fit german egg cartoons, and my printer´s down, anyway, so we had to do it the traditional way:
Of course, the perfect place for the scavenger hunt was "the green house", the meadow behind our house, and of course, my children didn´t let the opportunity to climb pass, either.
 So I could snap some pictures...
and read the final chapters of my newest Peter Robinson novel. Did I mention the best times are when the kids are out of school? Feels like... dangling my feet in cool seawater. Total freedom.
And we still had time to color some more eggs,
(and fingers)
and arrange them in the almost Martha-Stewart-like kitchen least, in my book using a table cloth and a cupcake-stand and having a clean table means Martha-Stewart-like :)
This is my music for today:
I think this song is... well, do I sound really old and uncool when I say "chill"? Because that´s the word that comes to my mind. The rhythm, the jazzy piano playing, the harmonies, it all sounds like... well, dangling my feet in cool seawater to me. I love this song, but only in summer. I remember that around November, I wondered how I could have ever liked this cheesy stuff. Now? I don´t think it´s cheesy. At all. I think it´s totally, completely... "chill" :)


dkmissie said...

Looks like fun and it looks like your weather is great like ours !

alicia said...

I think I've missed a few days. But YAH!! So glad you are keeping up. LOVE that first photo. And if all goes well we'll be dying eggs today too.