Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Six - Happy Campers

This is where I just put my kids to sleep:
Though, it´s dark, now. We read until the last daylight was gone, and then listened to the planes flying over our backyard, and the distant trains passing by, the neighbour watering his garden, dogs barking. And then Miro snoring.
We spent most of the day outside, too, though I interrupted the play for short "5-songs cleaning sessions" several times a day. Our house really needed some cleaning, urgently, so I made it a sport. 5 songs power cleaning leads to something cool afterwards. Like, having a picnic instead of dinner around the table. Eating strawberries outside. Watching an episode of The Simpsons. So, we got at least something done, even though Mehmet tried to run away in between:

And we had the neighbour´s kids over, too, and I got this cool shot of them playing "Polo",
a game that must have been invented on some schoolyard with elaborated, strict rules. Quite fun to watch, it is :)
I´m finishing this with one of the brightest, happiest spring/summer songs I can think of:

Ingrid, of course :)

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