Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Days of Spring - Day Eight - Cycling, Wading, Reading.

I rode around 20 kilometres with my bike today. With the twins in the trailer. Ronja and Eva rode all by themselves. And Tim, whose bike got demolished by some vandals last week, jogged the whole way. No sweat  - well, almost.
We had planned to go to a really cool playground, but then got sidetracked when we found this idyllic spot:
Where we stayed for a while, had a picnic, waded through the water,
braided with grass, played fishing, found a perfect stone for a necklace,
and put our feet into the water.
(Can you guess whose feet those are?)
We also found a suspenison bridge we hadn´t known about before - it´s always sweet to find things still new to us in this town, even after five years.
And I love taking pictures of my children while they are jumping :)

Do you know those awesome bookswapping-outdoor libraries? Every town should have them. Everywhere. We have one, only recently established, in the park we went today.
For those of you not familiar with bookswapping - you can take your old books there, and leave them for others to take. Or you can take the books others left there home with you. Or just one of the two above. Or just sit and read for a while:
I found a real cool chronic of 1954 there today. In perfect condition, illustrated with tons of authentic pictures, describing everything the modern man back then had to know about politics, fashion, cars and filmstars, like...
...Audrey Hepburn. I love love love old books, and my collection of them is slowly, but constantly growing. I like to imagine that I keep them until I´m really, really old. And then, one of my many children, or grandchildren, or neighbours, or friends, will inherit it. And maybe, pass it along further. And then, some distant day, when we´re all gone, this book will tell its story, a story that will be a couple of hundred years old then. How´s that for immortality?

But... sorry. I got sidetracked again ;) Lost in the city of books :)
We ate some icecream...
...and relaxed in the park...
...and if I only was a better photographer, I guess I could have really taken some stunning pictures today. I mean, the light, the flowers, the colors, and, of course, my most beautiful subjects - everything was perfect. Just my photographing skills aren´t, so this has to suffice.

I need to go to bed now. Fresh air and sports all day long make me sleepy. And tomorrow... well, there are so many plans what to do with tomorrow. Time is so short, so limited. I could fill my days four times.
Want some music? This one´s cute:

While we´re at David Choi - as much as I like this song, I don´t like most of his other songs. Too sweet and heavy for me, like sugared whipped cream. But the WongFu productions short films? Awesome! If you haven´t seen them so far, go ahead, they are really, really nice. Their latest one is here, but their comedy stuff is even better, like this one.
Anyways, good night now, sweethearts :)

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alicia said...

So jealous! That field of flowers is just stunning. Oh, the photos I could have... lol. Thanks so much for sharing your snippets of spring. I'm hoping spring stops by soon.