Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vision completed

When I was around 19, 20ish, I was still in school, going for my A-levels. Theoretically, that is. In truth, I spent way more time in my tiny flat, reading everything I could lay my hands on and chain smoking, or in my boyfriend´s bed, than at school. So one day my English teacher, who I liked, and who liked me, took me aside and asked the inevitable question of what I intended to do with my life. To which I replied that I´d see no reason in learning for a certificate, when all I want to be in my life is a mom and housewife. I was all for being shocking back then :)

But I was pretty sure that was what I wanted. When I imagined what my life would look like in ten years, I always saw a house, and a garden, the sun shining, and a little boy wearing flap trousers, searching for critters in the garden, looking like his dad. Yeah, call me a sexist, but I always wanted a son. I´m not sure why, maybe it´s got to do with the fact that I grew up with two little brothers, or I always liked the wild little boys best when I babysat or worked in summer camps. Or I had the sheer biological desire to reproduce the man I love. That´s natural, isn´t it?

So, despite me being a very lazy student, I took those A-levels. I think my English teacher forced me to do so :) Married my boyfriend. Had my daughters. Found out that reproduction is even more awesome when the little new person resembles me, instead of my husband. Found out that travelling and studying and learning is awesome. Found out that I love the tiny flat close to university even more than I could ever love a house, and that gardening really isn´t my thing at all. Found out that it doesn´t really matter where you live, as long as you love the people around you. But why am I telling all this?

Because when I opened the door yesterday, while I was cooking lunch, I saw this:
which is
what I had in mind
ten years ago.
So I grabbed my camera and took a gazillion of pictures of my idealized teenage vision being very much alive. And allowed Miro to take that stinking caterpillar inside and give it a name and let it sit in it´s little basket full of leaves and grass, right there on the table, while we were eating the luch I had cooked.

Here´s some music:

I mentioned I love these guys, didn´t I? How they add some mad piano and a stunning, professional voice to a song that is mediocre at best, to bring it to it´s full potential? Love this!


alicia said...

Aww. Such sweet pics!

Jenny said...

Sweet of you to let him take it inside. My youngest has done this as well. We always let them go before bed.

That song was amazing. Loved it!

HelenClyde said...

Jenny - if you liked that song, try the Michael Jackson medley from Sam Tsui. It´s on youtube, and it´s stunning!

And Alicia - thanks for your comment. Though I believe I´m still miles away from your photographic skills. Those new pics on your blog of your daughter are, again, amazing :)

Mommy2Four said...

I'm SO GLAD you commented on my post I made in the MckMama blogfrog. I love your blog!

Man, that is just amazing....add some crazy talented piano and an amazing voice and all of a sudden you have something that should be played EVERYWHERE! lol LOVE IT!

I'm not a big fan of mainstream music myself, so I'd never heard Lady Gaga's....I looked it up on you tube afterwards, and it just makes this cover even more amazing! Thank you!