Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things that make me happy :)

Okay, I wanted to go to bed. Or, at least write a little on my weirdo book. Well, I just found this, so I had to share:
Because cellos always fill me with joy :) And this use of a cello sounds so different and refreshing, I wish I had known about this before, and I wish to hear more from him in the future!

Random ramblings:
My twins got a bag full of toys from an old neighbour down the road and feel like it´s Christmas.
Fresh rain smells awesome. And hanging laundry in the sun is a treat, too.
Miro hit his head on the window sill, and it got quite bloody, but it´s all fine now.
The nice lady living three houses away from us is giving Eva piano lessons, starting on Monday.
Ronja was interviewed on the protest march on Saturday, and she was mentioned in the most communist web newsmag I could think of. She´s beyond proud. So am I. 
I´m busy rearranging my house library, building Billy shelves.
I love being involved with the kids in school. I love being asked for my opinion on teaching methods. Making Montessori math material with the kids next week, because that stuff it´s pretty expensive. And because I´m seing all my little monsters tomorrow in the morning, I´m really, officially, going to bed now :)

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