Friday, March 25, 2011

Within the last 36 hours...

...I went to town and got my kids new clothes for spring, got 60 little cardboards cut for a bookbinding session I´m holding in two weeks, ate the first watermelons of the year,
worked in school and got the sweetest compliment in the world from a seven year old boy who told me I look like an oriental princess, planted some flowers with my kids,
made bubbles at the busstation,
joined a political left wing party, (Yes, I did. Though I said I wouldn´t. Mind the words of a woman.), had some awesome conversations with their female 60 year old leader, went to my grandpas funeral,
(and really, you wouldn´t wanna hear the combined stories of the adults in this picture. You just wouldn´t.)
hugged my gran, apologized to my youngest brother and won him as my newest blogreader, (Hi, Gerrit!), painted a transparent for the protest march Ronja and I will be going tomorrow,
took some narcist photos of myself in front of the mirror,
went to Ikea and spent a lot of money on the doors for our wardrobe,
read the most fascinating turkish fairytales to my children, had awesome conversations with my husband that kept me from blogging so long this became a post about 36, instead of 24 hours, got tickets for a concert of the Norwegian band Katzenjammer, so I´m looking forward to another night dancing again, and carried lots of huge bags of potting soil up our hill (though I vowed not to touch our garden for this whole season...yeah. women.), and  I listened on endless repeat to this artist:
Yep, she is awesome. Very different to the stuff I usually listen to, as my husband and children allready noted. But nonetheless, utterly refreshing in her electric 80´s style. And because I think she really sounds like her dad, also familiar enough to be comforting to my ears. I just bought her whole album, and I´m amazed that I can just click on any song and instantly like it. And hey, she even does look delicious! So... thanks for the recommendation, even if it wasn´t an actual one :)


alicia said...

Wow. Could you have packed any more in if you tried?? I think maybe I need to come and hang out with you. Your life sounds way more interesting.

HelenClyde said...

Well... what I didn´t mention is that my house now looks like a total mess because of that constant neglect... but it feels better that way ;) And hey, I think you just saw the sea? That looks pretty cool, too!