Sunday, March 20, 2011


There are things I´d like to do, but can´t. Like, saving the world. Going to Japan, for an afternoon, and help them tidy up a bit. Or at least hug some people over there, and cook them a nice warm meal.
Or going to Libya, and help those brave people over there fight for democracy. Or at least tell them that I don´t feel at all represented by this government I have.
I can´t do those things, because I´m a mom, and I have my responsibilities here, at this place. So I can´t just go out and save the world, I feel like it has been a long time since I had to say good bye to some ideals I had when I was younger.
But hey, there are things us moms can do. Saving the world from our homes, that is. So, what I can do, is...
teaching children. Because I firmly believe that education is the clue to a better world.
Writing urgent actions, finally, after I planned to do it for such a long time, and it is such an awesome feeling to know I got it done, just this once. And maybe, just maybe, one person will be freed, just because of this. 
Using those computers that have finally arrived in our school to teach 12 children how to use text editing software and the internet, so, one day, they´ll be able to connect with people from all over the world, or write letters themselves, if they wish to do so.
Getting involved in politics. State an example that participation is a possibility. Talking to people on the streets. Help to make nuclear power a relict of the past. We switched to nuclear-free power years ago. And it actually is even cheaper than the conventional power. So, get informed, because maybe you´ve got this option, too. 
 Make sure you know the alternatives. And your children know them, too. 
Using public transport (or you know, that damn bike) whenever possible. Even when it´s overcrowded. And, you know, there are about a bajillion things you can do to make your life greener. Practicallygreen is a fun website if you lack inspiration.
Connect. Feel. Talk. Give. And...

You can open an account at Couchsurfing, in order to bring the world into your living room. Or, around your kitchen table. I did this week.
And, of course, donate. Not only to Japan. Because, it often occurs me to be quite subjective which tradgedies are actually covered by our media, and which aren´t. So, keep your eyes and hearts open. 
Keep your souls swinging...
actually, this pic doesn´t suit this post at all - but I was in love with it ;)
...and keep your light shining.
And while you do all this, feel awesome, because you know that you are a tiny part in creating a 

(and if you´d like to know how to make that super cool burning clementine in the last pic, go here.)


Alone in Holy Land said...

Great post!
I know the feeling you are talking about...
Thank you for the tips and ideas!
Let's save the world together!

HelenClyde said...

Thank you :)