Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Okay, this post is different. No cute pics, just a lot of videos. But I just figured that all, really all of my favourite musicians have a song called "Gravity", so I thought I´d gather them all in one post, so I can see how the different artists all work on this particular topic. And then ponder about what´s so damn fascinating about "Gravity".
However, let´s begin with my personal hero:

I might add that I was present at this very concert, in the second row, after waiting for solid 10 hours, screaming out out my lungs like Eva did last Saturday, and I enjoyed it very much. Around the five minute mark, he starts with this mad guitar solo, playing guitar on his back and laying it down and making love to it, and man, that was quite entertaining.
Then, there´s my new discovery, Vienna Teng:

That video is just perfectly dramatic. I still haven´t figured out the deeper sense in the lyrics, I guess that´s because I´m too distracted by all the piano awesomeness, and the story in the video, which I also don´t really get.
Speaking of piano awesomeness, Sara Bareilles also has written a song called Gravity:

And Lucy Schwartz has, and it comes with a video that makes me instantly feel like dancing:

Coldplay has a song called gravity:

And Mark Owen really, actually, has, too:

And then, there is the first "Gravity" song I ever found, three years ago, when I had just figured out that I needed to have more music in my life after being abstinent for far too long, and this is also the one I love the most. Here´s Alison Krauss:

I think this is the version of "Gravity" I can relate to the most, starting with the very first line.
I hope I might add to this blogpost in the future - when Ingrid Michaelson and Biffy Clyro decide they need to name their new songs "Gravity" as well - feels like I can allready hear those new Gravities in my mind.  :)

And what do we learn from this? Gravity is a) a bad thing, because it keeps you down, and b) a good thing, because it keeps you down. I love how every thruth has two sides. At least! And when you repeat a word over and over in your head, it becomes meaningless.
So... I guess I don´t need to post further music for today?

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