Thursday, January 6, 2011

Entertaining my kids.

Sorry... I´ve been absent for a while. Or, at least, not blogging. That´s because I am still sticking to all my resolutions - and because the kids are still at home, school will only start on Monday. So, these last days, I gave my best to be a perfect mommy entertainer. I pulled all registers. On Monday, I let them work with my polymer clay...
Ronja made most of the beads. Mehmet enthusiastically made the "hedgehog": And because we had some around, we also used up the last scraps of white clay:
I leave it to you  to figure out what that is... before you realize the thing in the left upper corner is an ashtray and... become judgemental :) Yep, my nine year old made me an ashtray... But it turned out fine, right? And just think about all those fine motor skills she´s developing :)

While we´re at it... Miro learned his first arithmetics this week:
Counting two plus five, with spices on my dishwasher. And he urged me the whole week to give him tasks. With cuttlery, cars, the people in our family. He´s fascinated by the fact that 3+3 equals 6, but also does 4+2. On Tuesday I took them to a science museum near our home: 
It´s  a small, private discovery center, only a ten minute walk from our home and pretty cheap, but with tons of awesome stuff, like toys working with solar energy...
... or treadmills to make your own energy...
or a phone booth, where you can call an apple tree or a snail. This is Mehmet, after the "snail" asked him if he was a delicious lettuce:
So. This was was a nice, educative event. My favourite spot is maybe the cabinet of mirrors. Hard to take pictures in, but I tried to capture why I like it:
It looks as if you were dangling over the ground. You know, my twins didn´t dare taking their foot off the ground, because they feared their other foot would begin to fly automatically. So cute. And the effect works on all ages, I enjoy it just the same :)

I´ll spare you more pictures of the dessert my girls made on Wednesday, or the "band" they formed and entertain me with, or Miros magnetic constructions. And I´ll keep the craft we made today for another day, because it deserves a post of it´s own. Let´s just say, it was quite a productive, peacefull week.

And through all of this, I didn´t only manage to keep my sink spotless as it was in the post five days ago, nope, I also cleaned up my whole kitchen, so clean, that I can hardly believe it´s mine. Organized tons of drawers, dusted boards, mopped everyday. Cooked nutritious, healthy meals with lots of veggies. And took a picture everyday. And that´s deserving another post, too. 

So - untill now, all is well. I´m a good girl. I didn´t explore a lot of new tunes this week (at some place I had to cut it back), but I really enjoyed listening to my playlist from 2009. I think one of my all time favourites, the song that really made me treasure Jason Mraz´s music, is this one: 
I remember, back then, I was so impressed with the line "In case you never noticed, the path you never chose has chosen you" that I took it as the preface of the book I wrote. Which I´m never intending to publish, so I guess I´m not hurting any copyrights. No, seriously, Jason Mraz is, to me, the master of lyrics. And crossing genres. Thinking about it, he´s the one of my favourite artists I haven´t seen life yet. 
Now, that´s a resolution for this year then, too :)

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CareGiving Daughter said...

Thank you so much for the comment you left for me on my blog. I had no idea how to post a YouTube. If I try it again and have a problem I will let you know.

I enjoyed reading yur blog. I too keep a book journal and am forever clipping things from magazines and such to paste in there, as well as writing my feelings. It seems so much more personal to hand write.

Good to meet you.