Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions. And the beginning of my new project 365.

This year, I will...

Keep a bookjournal, so all those treasures I lay my eyes on will be remembered.

Continue writing my own book. I´ve quit it for quite a time, so it wouldn´t overshadow my real life in Christmas time, like it did last year. But I feel like I owe Lotte and Simon their Happy Ending, even if I´m not sure how to manage it. But that´s what makes it exciting.

Be a good housewife. Dang, this is my job, so I´m gonna do it good. I joined Flylady today, so I´ve got some encouregement on this mission. At least they provide me with lots of emails that sound like cleaning my sink will change my whole life. Not sure if this is true. Neither am I sure if I want this. But I´d certainly like to manage to have a less chaotic house, so...
I began 2011 with shining my sink.  Yeah!

Which brings me to the next point: I´d like to join Life 365 again. Or Project 365, or whatever you call it. I did it in 2009, and I pulled through, I managed to take a photo every single day of the year, including journaling. I even made some templates, you can still find them in the sidebar. Or in my archives. I stepped back in 2010, but in February, I had already started to regret this decision. So this year, I´m jumping on the train again. Not sure if I´ll post any templates, but I´m posting layouts. I need some pressure, you know?

So, theses are my resolutions. I don´t want to quit smoking, because I like it. Though I would quit it for one reason. The only reason I quit it before. But that´s another debate :)
I don´t want to excercise more, because I allready exercise to my limit every day. I also don´t need to lose any more weight, because if I lose any more, I´m going to faint all the time. I know ´cause I´ve tried. I´d honestly like to learn some new cool moves on the piano, but I don´t think lessons for me are included in our budget. So, basically, I´d like to stay who I am, because I really like myself. Except for the clutter, maybe, but I´m tackling this in 2011.

I´ll see you with my next Layout for my 365 project. And because now we´ve reached this side, this is my song for today:
Man, how I wish I had been present at that set :)


alicia said...

Quite a list lady. I have vowed to NOT do a project 365. lol. But will still be posting photos. Happy New Year!!

Leah said...

I have never heard of this band before, but I listened and I really like them a lot! I will definitely have to check out more of their songs! :)

Mum kreativ said...

Oh, ich sollte auch mal wieder meine Spüle putzen statt hier am PC zu sitzen ;). Ich habe einige Zeit die Germangroup verfolgt :). Bei zu langen englischen Texten gebe ich leider immer auf.
LG von