Friday, January 7, 2011


I still wanted to show off yesterday´s afternoon activity. Do you know the website Toy-a-day ?
I hope you do. In case you don´t, go there now. They provide tons of little paper people all following the same, basic pattern, which gives them a special charme. For free, by the way. So, if you run out of ideas what to do inside, just print a couple of your kids favourite characters out, grab scissors and glue and get to work :)
We started with the Simpsons. They also have Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins and Steve Jobs and Batman and Frida Kahlo. But we chose the Simpsons. My husband and I practically grew up with them. We don´t have a television, but we´re all for selective entertainment, and for sure we´ve got most of the seasons on DVD. My daughters love them. They didn´t have Maggie, however, so Ronja just copied the template by holding it against the window, and came up with her own Maggie-version:
Later I figured they also offer a blank template, but I must admit I like it even more this way. She even made herself, later, but I missed taking a photo of the little paper Ronja, as I was busy helping glueing and fumbling little paper arms through body pieces.
Ha! There we are, messing around in the kitchen. We ended up making about 20 little paper people...
When you look closely at my blurry, strangely lightened picture, you might see the guys from the "Wild things", Bob the Builder, a little owl (of course), and two Coralines. In case you don´t know who Coraline is, you can find that out here.
We would have loved to make some Harry Potter characters, but yesterday, we simply ran out of time, and they had no template. But there are many rainy afternoons to come, so the sky is the limit :) And actually, one awesome fellow blogger allready made some
So, all I have for my bookshelf so far is...
... William Shakespeare. I hope he wouldn´t mind. Because I´m really thankfull for his sonnets.

And guess what? All the mess was cleaned up - perfectly cleaned up - three minutes later. I set a timer and told them, if they´d manage to pick up even the tiniest scrap, they´d be allowed to watch one episode of the Simpsons :) 
No music for today, but I´ll be back tomorrow, anyway :)

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