Sunday, January 30, 2011


After a good, long sleep of ten hours I feel like writing a project smile post, but a short one. The sun outside is bright and brilliant, and I need to convince my family it´s not too cold to go outside for a walk. I need some sun. This week has been filled and busy (well, which week isn´t?). I worked in school, and there are few things that make me happier than feeling that I really achieve something.
I spent this week working intense with two girls who have a hard time learning how to read. Or, well, had. Because I can really see it´s getting better. And best of all, they begin looking forward to it. Instead of dreading it. That´s really cool, and it makes me incredibly proud.
Also, I am incredible proud of my Eva (which, I guess, you all know by now), and it makes me feel like flying when we make music together.
This week, we figured out how to play "Ours" by Taylor Swift together, and that makes us both happy. Our piano is loud, and to keep our neighbours sane, we may only play until half past 7. But these hours we have, man, we use them!
It also makes me happy that all the ugly snow has melted away, and that it´s not raining and we can go out to our meadow again. It makes me smile to raise some treehuggers.
And no, this is not posed. This is just... well... Ronja. 

It makes me smile to look at the closet we built. Yep, we did. It´s much better than the dusty piles of stuff we had before, believe me. And we made it. That´s the coolest thing about it. It still needs some doors, but we´ll get these in March. We´ve got to wait for money. Until then, I enjoy looking at this, well, for us actually impressive neatness. 
It makes me smile to celebrate. 
I almost dare not to write again about another birthday party, but well, we had one yesterday. And it was sweet and sunny.
It makes me smile to wrap Miro in toilet paper...
...which is, by the way, an awesome party game for kindergardeners.
It makes me smile to feel like we found a school, surprisingly, where we hadn´t expected it, that Eva loves at first sight, and that seems to suit us unexpectedly fine, and it makes me smile to see her interact with the big students: 
It makes me smile to watch them all grow and develop, and to realize how big they are. Or, well, how small...
...when I take blurry no-flash pics of them, after they fell asleep secretly playing with their birthday presents.

 It makes me smile to overhear my sons´ conversation about whom they want to marry. And that they´d need to learn albanian. 
It makes me smile to realize that on every picture here Eva is wearing one of my woolen hats. Suits her so much better :) 
t makes me smile to go out with my bunch of lady friends on a friday night, drinking peppermint tea and hot chocolate ´till it´s midnight and debating... stuff. It makes me smile to ride my bike next to my sons, when they ride their own bikes, all by themselves. Which I am going to do right now.
And as I had a nice, long sleep, I´m posting a matching song: 
When it comes to smiling, I think Jason Mraz is the artist to provide the proper soundtrack. Sounds like spring allready :)


Snowcatcher said...

That toilet paper photo is just the best. You have captured some wonderful reasons to smile. Thanks for sharing!

alicia said...

I'm so with you about the snow. Only we are having a blizzard tonight. So love the tp pic!! And that closet is to die for. Can't believe you made it yourself. That would make me smile for sure. Thanks so much for linkin up!! Always look forward to your smiles.