Sunday, January 30, 2011

I almost forgot... 365 :)

Nope, I didn´t forget to take my daily picture. Only I almost forgot to post my weekly layout. And I didn´t make a template from it. But guess what? Meredith from Moriginals is back on the wagon, again, too - seems I wasn´t the only one who missed this project in 2010. She´s got a template on her blog, so just head over to her and say hi :)
It´s so cool to meet you all again - Paula, or melissa, or Crissie. It´s got a certain beauty to know you´re all somewhere out there, living your daily lives, nothing extraordinary, you might be at some place I´ve never seen and will never see in my whole life, but we share bits of our lives with each other. Did I mention I really like the internet? Best invention ever, probably.


Jody said...

Love your layout. What kit did you use? the colors are super!

HelenClyde said...

Ooops! Sorry, I should have mentioned. I used the "silly" kit, from digitreats. Her kits are awesome!