Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow and self pity. And christmas lights.

So you nice ladies give me awards and send me hugs and visit my blog, and I´m not posting or answering.
Sorry it took me a while since last post. I´ve been down with a nasty fiever, it felt like I had bricks under my scalp. So I started this week in misery and self-pity. My husband stayed home on Monday, but on Tuesday he was allready back at work, so I stayed home alone with four kids and bricks under my scalp. To top it all, it was apparently time for the first snow of the year. I´m all for nature and going outside, just not this week. It sucks having to pick the kids up at school and kindergarden when icecold things pierce my skin and my hands freeze even in mittens. On Wednesday the brake of my bike froze, so I couldn´t move the back wheel one single inch. Take that and a bicycletrailer with two sleeping, sturdy toddlers and groceries, and the fact we live on a hill that was slippery with ice, and the fact that I still felt like crap, and well, you get it, right? I need my bike, as much as you might need your car. I do all grocery-shopping and kid-transporting with it, and without it, I´m helpless.
Sorry, sometimes I just need to moan a little. Self pity, I told you.
But fear not. I´m well and fine, and back to my usual photo-snapping, jolly-chanting, christmassy-self. Don´t think this week stopped me from making gingerbread houses and taking blurry photos from the process...
or from taking all kids to the mall, where it was warm and everyone was entertained with those ancient, in my mind actually scary looking scenery-huts - do you have this oddity in your country, too, or is this a german speciality?

The boys were thrilled. My girls have seen everything before and take things a little calmer, but Mehmet and Miro freaked with joy. At the huts, and at the giant christams trees and decorative fake presents and ornaments the sice of water-balls, and at the lights. Oh, the lights.
The lights in a mall look a lot more fascinating through the eyes of a three year old, who sees all of this for the first time. All Miro wants for Christmas now is lights. Lights for his room. Lots of them. And Mehmet even told Santa about that on the telephone:
So. My girls are at their scouts camp, and I miss them. We´re getting the Christmas tree tomorrow, and maybe some furniture at Ikea. And I will write a nice anwer-post to those awards, soon. I promise. Though I´m not sure if I´m going to answer all those questions. I´m not an award kind of girl, you know? :)

Music for today is something warm and comforting:
I think Pearl Jam is overrated. Don´t get me wrong, they are allright, but considering the world-wide fame they have - I think there are lots of bands out there who could compete. But this song - this song is nice and cozy.  

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