Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ronja´s Owl themed birthday party

So, if you remember this and this, you allready know my daughter loves owls. She started to love them at the age of 3, when her dad brought her a stuffed owl he got as merchandise from an IT company. Over the years, we´ve collected quite a lot of  owl books, owl pillows, owl games, owl DVD´s, you get it. Ronja still loves them. She always wished for an owl themed birthday party, but I lacked ideas. 
However, this year, owls seem to be so very trendy, that it was - no pun indended - a piece of cake. And lots of fun. So, I scrapped some invitations...
I used graphics from one of my ancient, but still loved scrapkits. I´m unable to find them on the net, so I guess they were taken down. However, the artist is named Krystal Hartley, and I think she designed for Sweet Shoppe Designs. I printed them as 3x5 photos and glued them to cardstock. 

As for the food, I labelled some bottles with the same design, left some space for the kids to write their name on, and forgot to take a picture of them. You get a glimpse of them on the first pic, above, though. I was thrilled to find some owl crackers:
And I made a cake, of course, but really, I´m a cake wrecker. Really. I aimed to create a beauty such as this one, and came up with... ahem...
...this monstrosity. I didn´t even bother to take a decent photo of it.To my excuse, both twins were upstairs and coughing and calling for me to bring them water and blankets and storybooks and change the tape in their recorder. And my husband was at his political party date. At least Eva was there to help me, gorgeuos as she is, and saved me...
by baking the cutest owl cake ever for her sister, all by herself. Really, Eva is the coolest person ever, but I think I mentioned that? And, please keep in mind, we don´t have fondant here in Germany, and marshmallows are only in stores during barbecue season, so I can´t go for homemade fondant. And my mazipan owls turned out quite cute, I think:
Let´s leave the food section and go for entertainment. I´m much better at that. I set up a craft station... each kid could make an owl. The owl consists of a shoebox (oh, what a joy it was to carry 20 shoeboxes home, with my bike, in the rain, without a car :) ), and fabric scraps from old maternity skirts, and for the eyes, I got really creative:
These are balls from a ball pit. Ikea once sold a huge bag full of them for five Euros, years ago, and we used them to make a ball pit in Mehmet´s room. I took 10 of them, cut them, and 
coated them with white spray paint. The head, pupills and beak were just scraps of cardboard. Cutting the amount of feathers kept all kids busy and entertained for more than an hour, and when it was dark, they ended up with these beauties: 
Snow owls and fire owls were really popular. And being shoeboxes, these owls also serve as treat bags. I also spent another hour making owl soaps with them, and was so busy I forgot to snap pictures. And what do owls eat? They eat mice. So we found edible foam mice and hung them in the garden, and my husband let them try to fly for them. And we read a long story about an owl that lost it´s mommy. And had an owl quiz. Yeah, thanks to that in my eyes pretty useless movie, most of her friends know about casts or hairballs. 
Oh, and I made her a candle, too: 
So, that was our owl party. I did it. After a horse party, a pirate party, a fairytale party, a medieval party, several treasure hunts, several Halloween-scary-ghost parties and, of course, the famous Harry Potter party (links in the sidebar), I made it. The impossible task. Ronja got her owl party. Wooo-hooo!

On another note, I hope you ladies from the States all had a nice thanksgiving? We had tons of guests, too,  today, and yesterday, actually I should better head for the kitchen, because we´re expecting guests tomorrow, again. And we don´t even celebrate thanksgiving. We just have four children and are, surprisingly for me, quite social. Sigh. I guess that´s cool.

As for today´s music, I should probably try something from owl city. Would be a nice match. But I just can´t stand the autotuned voices, so I take the song I´m listening to all night now instead: 
Not exactly party themed. But still cool. Very, very cool :)

If you are looking for more games to play on a birthday party - you might want to look here. Or check the sidebar, we did an awesome Harry Potter Party some time ago. 


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So, so, so cute! We love owls in our house, too! :)

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Adorable! It looks so fantastic!

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Jennifer said...

Cutest owl themed party I've seen!

Rebecca Bany said...

Owl creativity. Great post!