Sunday, December 5, 2010

Before and after

This is, I think, the first time I´m doing a before-and-after-post. But I´m pretty impressed with the outcome, and I´d like to show off. Ok, here we go: 
That´s our living room. Or, was. When we moved here, we just threw our old sofa in, and the old table. And yeah, we almost never tidy up.  It looked allright, with overflowing bookshelves the other side, of the room, and the piano and the harp. But this part, not so much. So. After one visit to Ikea, spending a bunch of money, and one day of work, our livingroom now looks like....
scroll down....
ta da....

Ha! This looks so grown up.  Oh, and the book on the table is no fake decorative book. It´s a nice 1950´s hardcover about rules and ettiquette. With awesome photos. And instructions on how to kiss a ladies´ hand, or how to dance properly. Our Ikea store has a bookswap-shelf, and that´s almost the best about the whole thing, really.

Oh, and how I have matching music:
This song always puts a broad smile on my face. When we were in the process of searching for a house, I chanted the line "Everyone has a home, if you don´t have a home..." quite frequently. Well, I still like to sing it. Come, sing along with me :)