Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The world in white and slowmotion.

See, I´m seeing something positive in all the #§?*% snow that´s pouring down on us. It´s highly decorative. Really. The creek I cross daily on my way to kindergarden is so very, utterly beautiful. Not that it isn´t in spring, when the kids can put their feet in to play. But really, it looks nice, doesn´t it?
So you won´t hear me complaining about how much I loath that it still covers most of the streets...
and because our local  authorities lack money, it will stay like this until it melts. And everyday I pass those streets like this...
though, most of the times I can only push my bike, as there´s no way to drive on this with a trailer with Mehmet and Miro in the back. But this is what I chose, so I guess it´s allright. Most of the time, living without a car is quite fun. Just right now, not so much. But then again, there´s live indoors. Like Mehmet testing the hat I bought as a christmas present for his dad (pssst!), and it suits him so fine...

If only he´d stand still long enough that at least one of the approximately 25 pictures I took of him wouldn´t have blurred... sigh. And when I told him this was a Christmas present, he told me I´d gone mad. Because, seriously, mum, do you believe you´re Santa? You´re just mommy! Santa´s bringing the presents, you don´t have to make them!"
Oh, stupid me :) I can´t remember I ever encouraged him to believe in Santa... however. Maybe it was her fault?
She´s so beautiful. And so grown up. I can hardly believe she´s my daughter, she turned out far to good. She just found out it´s possible to google sheet music, so she spends her afternoons like this:
and plays any song she knows, or at least tries to. To her anger, she struggles at Taylor Swift, but she´s quite good at most Christmas carols. They are recognizable at first try, and she plays them fluently at second, and at third, they become boring, so she googles the next. I love working in the kitchen and hear her shouting - "Mom, guess what I´m playing", and I literary have to take the violin away after three hours, so she´s doing her math papers. She told me she´d like to take lessons for the flute as well, but with four children in musical education, I think we just can´t afford this. And then again, I´m feeling like I have to find a way.
Okay, okay, I´m bursting with pride and I´m stopping here. Anyways, speaking of pride... By coincidence, my two favourite songs, the ones I´m listening to all week long, are two covers from U2 songs.
Man, how cool is this? I´ve just heard it´s been nominated for a Grammy, and I hope they get it. I´ve loved Punch Brother´s ever since, and the mandolin in this is, as was to be expected, pure awesomeness.
This second one just sounds to me like cuddling under blankets.

Or, you know, next to a radiator, after a long day in the snow :)

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