Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What makes me happy right now.

The problem about the project smile thing is how hard it is to keep track of all those myriads of little things out there that make me happy. So I figured I put just up what made me happy within the last 24 hours , and that is...
my twins walking around with hair clips and stating how pretty they are...

kneading cookie dough while Eva is requesting that I stand still so the pictures won´t blur - nice reversed roles, right? And yeah, wearing my black cap even indoors makes me happy, too.
and turning the whole kitchen into a cookie-tsunami-zone makes me happy, too, just like the outcome:

Watching my twins take the firetruck cookies  up to their room to play with them makes me happy. And do you spot the cookie with the logo of the company my husband works at? The christmas gratification they pay us makes me very happy, as well :)

Discussing to start learning a new language together with my husband makes me happy, too, though we are undecided, yet. He´s all for Spanish, as that is valuable on the market and one can spend a nice, save and cheap family vacation in Spain. I´m all for Arabian, because I´d like to learn something completely different, and I got all those intercultural ideals stuck in my head. But whatever, the discussion alone makes me look forward to it, even if we end up just practising Norwegian again.
Listening to my boys play grocery store makes me laugh out, loud, too. And the light that falls in our kitchen around noon makes me happy.
My nice, fresh, autographed and personalized Gavin Mikhail CD´s that I ordered weeks ago and that just arrived with the mail make me immensely happy. I´m not listening to them so they won´t get scratches, and treat them like the holy grail (that means I put them into my bookshelf, between Harry Potter and the book I wrote myself. There´s no place more sacred in our home than this. And the twins can´t reach there.)

And the fact that there was a new video up just this morning to match this also makes me happy:
Argh... why does it look so effortless when he plays? And why is it so hard for me to figure out how he does it? And how can he just transform any song in the world into an emotional drama? I absolutely adore this. 

Ah, and one final question: Do you have any book suggestions? I feel like I´ve read every book I own at least twice, and Christmas is just around the corner, so I bet my mother in law is going to ask me what I´d like to have :)  I´m open for any genre. My prefered genres are crime novels or fantasy, but I read anything, as long as I get strong characters I can identify and fall in love with, something to completly blend out reality, well written (though, that´s taste, of course), and plausible in itsself. If it made you cry in the end, it´s perfect. So? What are your suggestions?


Jen said...

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Sarah said...

Those cookies are adorable!

April said...

Love the cookies! Thanks for posting on my blog and following! So, I read your profile-I also love Nickel Creek and Chris Thile. I just saw his new band, Punch Bros, last weekend! AND I am going to see Need to Breath next weekend! I didn't even know NTB reknown made it all the way to Germany. And I took German, but that was 10 years ago. :-)

alicia said...

Wow. What an amazing 24 hours girl. I hear ya on keeping tabs of them all. LOVE that song. Thanks for the introductions. Might be my new fav. Have you read The Help? Really good one. Long though. And not Christmasy. So glad you joined project smile again. Love seeing your smiles.

Anonymous said...

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