Sunday, November 21, 2010

So my old, wrecked camera...

... got lost again. Perhaps on the train, or in some car, or at my in-laws home. I don´t know. But as I always use to carry it in the pocket of my cardigan like an extension of my body, I think I really need another one. This week will bring Ronjas seventh birthday - what am I supposed to do without a camera?

Loosing things runs in the family, I guess. My husband bought himself a mobile, two weeks ago, and lost it in Paris. Yeah, he was in Paris, for three days, in a nice hotel next to the Louvre while I stayed at home with the kids. Oh, I´m not jealous. Not at all. I expect you guys to tell me how much cooler staying in a smalltown with four kids is, especially when the school closes due to Noro-virus infections.

However we spent the weekend with our in-laws, and that means: Free babysitter :)
That´s why I watched HP7 on Saturday, and surprisingly I liked it. I mean, I still believe they could have chosen more talented actors, but over the years they sort of grew on me. And I really, really loved the way they presented the tale of the three brothers. Awesome.

We went to a pub, to meet old friends, but that felt... wrong. It was one of those encouters where you realize keeping friendships over long distances and decades isn´t always worth the effort, and you grow apart. I found myself sitting at a table with four strangers who chatted meaningless stuff about cars and booze (at least that´s meaningless to me), and it really wasn´t... stimulating. But you can´t always get what you want - honey. 

It´s this time of the year all those people you usually don´t see all year long pop in for a visit, and I spent quite a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, or cleaning the house, or preparing the next meal. And I´m preparing Ronjas birthday party. We invited 10 kids, so it´s fourteen alltogether. Fourteen kids is exactly my cup of tea, and I´m not being sarcastical when I say this. I really feel comfortable entertaining loads of children as if my life depended on it. So I´m planning games and labelling bottles and organizing shoeboxes to craft with and imagening food, which is fun. Oh, I really need to lay my hands on a camera. Just some camera.

I´m tired because when I´m not home, I don´t sleep well, especially not when I´m having vivid dreams, but now I am home. I just read the goodnightstory to the boys, my girls are playing Halma on the floor next to my feet in a hysterical loud manner, and I think I should continue to write my book. A pictureless post sucks, by the way, but after I haven´t been here for almost a week, I just wanted to say hello. And as for the song...

I really like Matt Nathanson. I wonder why I never posted any of his songs before, even though this one particular song played so often in my kitchen that I should have thought about sharing it earlier.
Nice, surprising lyrics.
I´ll be back as soon as I lay my hands on a camera. See you, sweethearts.

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