Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guess what my favourite holiday is!

Ok, I know most of you girls out there have something to celebrate between Halloween and Christmas. But here, in Germany, we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving. Technically, we don´t even celebrate Halloween, though, I do. And spread it over the whole town like an infection, because I love Halloween. 
But apart from that, it is possible, to go straight from summerholidays to Christmas. Which I usually do. 
Yes, I confess, I´m one of those people who begin to buy Christmas presents in May and bake cookies in July. I love Christmas. It´s been my favourite holiday since I moved out from home, and it got even better since I´m a mom. So, this week, I took my Halloween wreath, that was completely raided, and my hotglue gun and some stuff I had in the basement, and whipped up the wreath above. See, the staircase still isn´t painted properly? But I´ve got time to make a christmas wreath. Oh, and I´ve also got time to...
sit on the floor for three hours, with Eva and Ronja while the boys play with their wooden train set, to fold this paper star. Pure madness, but hey, now I´ve really got something to show off with, right? By the way, if you want to know how to make one for yourself, they are called Bascetta Stars, and there´s quite a cool video about them here. And really, it´s so meditative :) I hope it will last for a while, like this paperwindow I made years ago, when I was a student, and get out of the basement every year again:
Yep, I´m also one of those people who give their best to pretend to be a mini Martha Stewart and annoy everyone around with their cheerfull decorating, chanting, get it.
Okay, Martha without her professional photographer. I´m still working on that.
And I worked a little on Evas Christmas countdown. It´s not competely filled yet, but it looks nice, so far:
I also began working on Ronja´s, but that´s a little more complicated, because I´m writing her a 24 chapter story about a little owl and I´m trying to handsew 24 little owls. I´m on chapter 8 and owl 2, and I really hope I get ready in time. At least Mehmet and Miro are fine with a store-bought Christmas countdown.
And, ladies, that´s not all. I´ve got most of the presents for my kids lying here, ready and wrapped. Jealous? Well, I still need to get some for my brothers, my gran, my inlaws, my nieces, well, everyone else, so there´s still a long to do list. I haven´t moved a finger on Christmas greeting cards so far. And I´m still trying to convince my family to go out to eat in a restaurant this year on Christmas Eve, because... well, I love cooking. But I give my best every day. I simply don´t know how to make it better on Christmas.

Oh, and of course this post is in desperate need for a song. My favourite Christmas song at the moment is Evergreen, from Gavin Mikhail. It´s not on youtube, it´s not even on itunes, because it´s a hidden track on his new album. But to post a video anyway, I´ll just go with my favourite from last year:
Ahhh! I still remember sitting on the sofa, singing "What to get the girl who has everything" :) Thinking about it, I should get out my guitar RIGHT NOW!

Okay, so what about you? Did you start to decorate? Do you do Christmas countdowns, or, Adventskalender, as we call them?   When do you jump into the season? Or do you completely hate it? And do you have great recipes for Christmas dinner to share? ;)


dkmissie said...

I found you via blogfrog.I to love Christmas and decorating :)
I am jus across the border in Denmark
Nice to meet you

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