Friday, November 12, 2010

These boots...

are 14 years old. I had my first kiss in them. And my second. I moved out from home in them. I wore them when I painted 3 flats, and this house we now own. They carried me through most European countries, through Norwegian creeks, Polish potato fields, and Potugese schools. I married in them.

Oh, and there´s no way I´m throwing them away. I´m still wearing them. Daily. Even when I work in school. I could probably afford some new ones. Actually I do own at least one other pair of black boots. But... those on the picture above are the best.

Just when it´s freezing outside and it´s so rainy that my socks completly soak, then, well, then they suck. A little.

But, you know, then a friend opens her door, lends me dry socks and even those super cool plastic bags to keep my feet dry! And we talk and smoke, while her husband cooks some mean greek food with tons of garlic and so deliciuos I could bath in it, and we sit around the table, 8 peole all chatting and passing food and making a mess, and later we hear the kids singing upstairs, mixed with The Ramones playing from the tiny boombox in the kitchen, and it´s warm and the light is dim and we discuss new models of a society we´re actually, in our microcosmos, allready living, and life, again, is just golden.

No music for tonight.
But a big, extended christmas post to come this weekend :)
Love you, ladies, and welcome to those of you who are new here :) Tonight I feel like I´m loving everyone.


Letters From Home said...

I like that you saved these boots! I got married in gym shoes and threw them away during a move, but I wish that I didn't now.

VegasMom said...

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I feel you on the boots...I have a gym bag of Chuck Taylors I refuse to get rid of due to sentimental valus and who knows, maybe on of my twin girls will walk in moms shoes someday!