Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mehmet asks...

-When I dream, I see photos. Who takes these photos?
-Mom, is today tomorrow? Because yesterday you said, tomorrow we´ll go to the park, and now we are at the park, so now must be tomorrow, right?
-Can cars die? Because they can move, right? Why are there car-cemeteries?
-Why do the baby mice in the book have no name? Are they just baby mice? Isn´t it sad they don´t have a name?
-Why doesn´t my kindergarden teacher live in kindergarden? Why can´t she bring her family? Why can´t we all live together?
-Why can I have only two babies when I become a man? Because Eva told me babies come from the testicles, and I only have two. But I want many babies.
-Are thieves already thieves when they are babies, and who do they steal from, because they are so small then!
-What color is the horse of St. Martin? And are brown horses better for riding than black ones?
-What animals are tomatoes made from?
-Can I help you cook like in a restaurant?
-Will you wear the necklace I give to you now?

 Well... who was that person that resolved to post less? And now I´m posting my second post today? But, so what. I just wanted to share a few of the marvelous questions I was confronted with today by my three year old son Mehmet.
I remember that last year around this time, I was anxious if my twins would learn how to speak at all. Now, especially Mehmet talks all day long. All the time. From opening his eyes until closing them. While eating. He even shouts questions at me from the toilet, and the above mentioned were just a few of the gemstones he threw at me today. They are only a teensy part of his whole firework, I must admit I could only remember the funniest ones.
But I´ve got a matching song to this post :)

You can never have enough of Biffy!

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Soldier Mama said...

Too Funny - 3 is such a fun age - I have a 4 year old and he is still constantly asking questions!!

PS- I am your latest follower!